Home Pest Inspection

A full inspection of your home will need to be completed. This is so we can identify current problems as well as potential future problems. Furthermore, treating the perimeter of your home will help prevent future bugs from entering. We only use the safest methods available.

Household Pests

There are numerous household pests that people struggle with on a daily basis. Moreover they are not good for your health. Things like rats, mice, cockroaches and other bugs can become a big problem if not sorted out early. Let us help you remove them.

Pest Removal Prices

Pest problems can become a big issue at home. To sort the problem out, we will need to identify the root cause. Additionally, every home is different and we can quote you based on your exact problem. Contact us for more information and prices.

Pest Removal South Africa

We have extensive experience removing pests

Why is Pest Removal Important?

When you have a pest problem, the first thing to consider is that they carry disease. Keep your family and pets safe before it’s too late. This is a much more expensive problem to solve when not sorted out in a hurry. Rats and mice can be a big problem in the kitchen. They can leave faeces on or around food your family consumes. Increasing the risk of disease.

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Having Bug Problems?